Who is ADD and why does she DIY?

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Well, thanks for asking.  I am a home design enthusiast on a small budget who loves trading ideas with other DIY’ers.  I especially love trading comments with other creative bloggers.  For me, DIY means “do it yourself” or “design it yourself”, though my husband Scott jokes that it sometimes means “do it husband!” (especially when… Read more

Less is more in our compact kitchen

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I’m not a kitchen designer, but I play one on my blog diywithadd.  I’m excited to guest post on brooklynlimestone because Stefanie’s blog was an inspiration to me when I was planning my own renovation, especially the photos of her gorgeous kitchen.  Like many a would-be Renovationista, my kitchen dreams were constrained by some serious… Read more

Recreating the entryway

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I love walking through the front door and seeing a beautiful entryway / foyer/ or vestibule. It just screams for me to come in, take off your jacket and stay a while. It is the red carpet into I love walking through the front door and seeing a beautiful entryway / foyer/ or vestibule. It… Read more

Barnaby’s bathroom needs a makeover

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My highly impractical outhouse chic bathroom has finally found its calling!  Though it does function well as a powder room, it’s not pretty yet and powder rooms should be pretty.    But, the tiny vintage clawfoot tub it houses is perfectly Barnaby-sized and the sides are high enough that he can’t escape from our sudsy clutches. … Read more

Happy Anniversary!

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This post is purely dedicated to my loving, talented, funny and patient husband Scott.  Two years ago today, we were married in a small ceremony on the Chesapeake Bay.   Love you Darlins!

Design Idea: Microwave Cubby

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Whether you’re planning a big budget kitchen renovation or a small budget kitchen upgrade, it’s the little details that matter.  One detail we took into account was the microwave.  Since we hardly ever use it, and since microwaves aren’t sexy, we didn’t want it to be front and center in our kitchen.  We definitely didn’t… Read more

I’m finally decorating my dining room

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Thanks to all of your brilliant suggestions, I’ve finally been inspired (and a little bit nudged) to decorate my spartan dining room.  Today’s post is a quick one.  I bought this wool rug to go under the dining table.  Expecting delivery any day.  I thought I would choose another seagrass, but I was struck by… Read more

Design Star: Team Emily

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If you’ve been following Design Star this season, then you know that tonight’s show is the big finale.  I generally loathe reality tv, but I’ve been hooked on HGTV’s Design Star all season. I was so excited when I heard that one of the contestants would be a prop stylist that I’ve worked with on… Read more

The Hunt: Slipper Chairs

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Now that our renovation is finished, I’m on the hunt for some great textiles and upholstery to infuse color and texture into our home.  But I’m also on a very tight budget.  I’ll be sharing some of the bargains I come across along the way.  These vibrant slipper chairs at Target are a pretty good… Read more

Decorate my dining room, pretty please

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Readers, please help this wayward blogger.  Renovation of the dining room on the parlor floor of our brownstone apartment is DONE.  But as you can see, this naked room is crying out for decor.  And a mop, but that’s a story for another post.  I thought I would decorate the minute we moved back in,… Read more