Project : diy furniture facelift

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I apologize that I don’t have a BEFORE picture, but here is the simple process:  I removed the chair seat with a screw driver and stretched some new fabric over the leather seat, stapling it to the bottom of the wooden seat base.  I sprayed the frame with 2 coats of glossy white paint, allowed… Read more

Sleek appliances for our small galley kitchen big budget

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Redoing the small galley kitchen of our brownstone apartment is eating up a BIG part of our renovation budget. We have splurged on some pricey European appliances because they tend to have a shallower profile, which we need in this narrow space. Our kitchen is not only a workspace, it is also the throughway to… Read more

Project : DIY Radiator Covers

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Over the past year, Scott and I have become quite the design/build team.  We’ve made decorative mantels, built-in bookshelves, pot racks, radiator covers… everything an obsessively designed home could need.   Typically I design the item & source materials.  Scott saws, drills and and assembles with the power tools in his basement arsenal.  Then I paint… Read more

Create a Focal Wall Using Wall Decals

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A focal wall can set the tone for the rest of your home’s decor. Done right, it can be the thing that ties all your disparate pieces together. One fun and easy way to create an accent wall is to use vinyl wall decals. You can use wall pattern decals to create a wall paper… Read more

Design Idea: Microwave Cubby

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Whether you’re planning a big budget kitchen renovation or a small budget kitchen upgrade, it’s the little details that matter.  One detail we took into account was the microwave.  Since we hardly ever use it, and since microwaves aren’t sexy, we didn’t want it to be front and center in our kitchen.  We definitely didn’t… Read more

a bathroom love affair

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I was just clicking through the June/July issue of Lonny (I know, I am so behind) and I noticed this black bathroom.  I thought if I put it on the same page as my bathroom, the two would have a wild love affair and spawn some great ideas. I just need more stuff in mine.  And… Read more

granny’s sofa gets a facelift

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Two years ago, when Scott and I married and bought our apartment, neither of us had a sofa that was worth the back ache of moving, so we immediately started shopping for a comfortable, quality, down-stuffed sofa for our living room that would last for years to come.   After test driving snazzy sofas at… Read more