I heart antlers.   I started collecting them a few years ago on a trip to Montana.  I especially like the weathered, gray, unpolished variety laid out on a mantel or a rustic winter table-scape.  I recently read some antler squeamishness on one of my favorite blogs An Urban Cottage and I wanted to set the record straight.  Bambi does not have to die for our decor (though he might have died for the antlers in this picture).

Deer shed their Antlers in the Spring.  And the grizzled guy in the Montana thrift shop swore that mine are “shedders”.  Personally, I don’t feel like our renovation will be complete until I’ve hung my shedders in the “outhouse chic” powder room.

Now taxidermy is another matter, but I  haven’t ruled that out either.  Of course, I would only buy vintage taxidermy.  The squirrels in our back yard are kind of scrawny anyway.  Tell me how you really feel