Let me start by saying that Scott is right about 95% of the time in renovation matters, which is far better than my track record.  But when it came to the master bath, he insisted on white walls above our white subway tile and he refused to listen to my nagging voice of reason for some contrast.  We had long discussions in which I likened his proposed white bathroom to a sanatorium  and I even took to calling it his “Cuckoo’s Nest” bathroom, which didn’t go over very well, needless to say.  When the grout was dry, we quickly compromised on light grey walls.  The urge to finish our new bathroom was too strong to waste time worrying about paint colors.


Marriage is all about compromise.  But decorating should really never be about compromise.  Compromise in decorating leads to beige wall-to-wall carpeting and, well, light grey walls against white tile.  We lived with the compromise for a few weeks, but neither of us was satisfied.


Yesterday, I brought Scott over to the dark side.  He mentioned that the room might need “a little more contrast”, so I hightailed it to the nearest Benjamin Moore dealer for the charcoal grey paint I had envisioned.  I rolled that paint up in an hour, before Scott could change his mind.  I’m not sure who’s happier.  Actually, we are both VERY HAPPY and now Scott has a real man cave in our otherwise light and bright house.


We had another small hiccup today when he saw “fuchsia hand towels” on my shopping list.  As we near the end of our gut renovation, I am learning to pick my battles, to stick to my gun-metal greys… and to keep my shopping lists to myself.  Here’s the before pic.  I’m curious to hear what you think about our “no compromises” paint redux!