Readers, please help this wayward blogger.  Renovation of the dining room on the parlor floor of our brownstone apartment is DONE.  But as you can see, this naked room is crying out for decor.  And a mop, but that’s a story for another post.  I thought I would decorate the minute we moved back in, but… work, budget constraints and some lazy time on the newly upholstered sofa have sapped my enthusiasm.

What I am badly in need of is some inspiration.  Let’s see, I also need a rug for that big brown floor, some art for the walls, a runner for the table, a color scheme…  Did I mention that I have almost no budget for this project?  So high end pieces are out.  Target, flea markets and DIY projects are in.  Working with pieces I already have is a must.

I’ll post again soon with more pix of the room and some ideas that I have in mind, but if you have time to browse around my blog to the kitchen and the living room to give me some decorating ideas that suit the rest of the apartment, I’d be ever so grateful.  Here’s a current floorplan to give you the lay of the land.  Note that the dining room does triple duty as it is the entrance to our apartment as well as an occasional workspace (this is NYC after all).  Also note that there is no window in this room, but the ceilings are gloriously high.

What we’ve done so far:  New floors, a new stair case and a glass transom above the guest bedroom door are the biggest improvements to the space.  I designed the stair railings and our carpenter built them, so they are one of a kind, which I love.  Scott and I oiled/stained the floors and banister ourselves, which makes me happy every time I walk in the room (him, not so much).  The walls are valspar “breathe of blue”, which is also continued into the living room and kitchen spaces.  I’m open to repainting this room, but I do like that right now there is one color continued throughout much of the parlor level.  This room needs some definite PUNCH, so perhaps it’s due for a richer hue.  Or just some pops of colored fabrics?

The goods:  We added a ceiling fan from restoration hardware (we actually bought that pre reno) and I sourced three vintage ship sconces from Olde Good Things.  I don’t really mind that the fan and lights are different finishes, do you?  We bought the 8ft long table a few years ago at an ABC warehouse sale.  The antique folding chairs (a set of 4) were donated by my friend Allie and I recovered the seats with a latte/sky blue fabric.  I’m very open to recovering those again and I’m on the lookout for additional chairs.  So, especially if you have any great rug, chair or fabric links, please leave them in comments.

I plan to post your suggestions (perhaps in individual mood boards) and give credit where credit is due, so let the decorating by committee commence!  Many thanks to everyone willing to take time out of their busy lives for this decorating intervention.  Best, ADD