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Less is more in our compact kitchen

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I’m not a kitchen designer, but I play one on my blog diywithadd.  I’m excited to guest post on brooklynlimestone because Stefanie’s blog was an inspiration to me when I was planning my own renovation, especially the photos of her gorgeous kitchen.  Like many a would-be Renovationista, my kitchen dreams were constrained by some serious… Read more

master bath: from blah to ooh-la-la

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Let me start by saying that Scott is right about 95% of the time in renovation matters, which is far better than my track record.  But when it came to the master bath, he insisted on white walls above our white subway tile and he refused to listen to my nagging voice of reason for… Read more

Design Idea: Microwave Cubby

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Whether you’re planning a big budget kitchen renovation or a small budget kitchen upgrade, it’s the little details that matter.  One detail we took into account was the microwave.  Since we hardly ever use it, and since microwaves aren’t sexy, we didn’t want it to be front and center in our kitchen.  We definitely didn’t… Read more