Redoing the small galley kitchen of our brownstone apartment is eating up a BIG part of our renovation budget. We have splurged on some pricey European appliances because they tend to have a shallower profile, which we need in this narrow space. Our kitchen is not only a workspace, it is also the throughway to our deck, which will serve as a second dining room in mild weather. We want all of the appliances to be completely flush with the counters in order to maximize walking space, and to minimize hip bruises!

Aside from the “counter depth” profile, we’ve selected our appliances for performance & we wanted a dishwasher and a fridge that would take custom panels. All of this adds up to a pricey investment, but one that we feel is well worth it in order to maximize the small space.Here are the appliances we’ve selected:
Fridge: Liebherr
Dishwasher: Bosch
Range: Bertazzoni We really wanted the Fisher Paykel two drawer dishwasher.
The design is fantastic! A dream for small kitchens. But some of the drawbacks (according to multiple reviews) are leaks, frequent service visits & dishes that just don’t get very clean!  We opted for practicality (for once) and ordered a standard drop-down-door dishwasher.

I did weeks of research on appliances. Comparison shopping, reading reviews, Kicking the tires in showrooms…, and I’d be happy to help out any readers who are facing a small kitchen renovation. Feel free to contact me and leave your comments and suggestions as well.