I don’t have any pretty photos today, so I’m just going to show you some quick pix of my latest junkyard find.  I bought this solid wood vintage medicine cabinet with original beveled mirror ($60) on a recent Brooklyn thrift store junket and quickly sprayed it white so that I could hang it over my junkyard sink ($40) in the outhouse bath.  You get the idea.  Cue theme song from Sanford and Son.

I plan to strip all of the lead paint off the cabinet & hinges, wallpaper the inside and repaint the outside something purty.  Just as soon as I figure out what color this little outhouse bathroom wants to be (something other than Kaopectate gray, I hope).  Ideas welcome.  As always.  Just consider this a “before” picture.  This room is probably worthy of a “renovation disasters” blog, but I still kind of love it.  I’m sure I’ll be ready to post the “after” pictures in about 5 years.  So, um, stay tuned, add me to your blog roll, subscribe to my RSS, and we can grow old together, decorating my house in vintage junkyard style.  Thanks for your eternal patience