Project: DIY Shower Curtain

I bought a grommet punch & nickel-plated grommets at my favorite local craft store, Brooklyn Mercantile, for a total of about $20.  The IKEA curtains were $50 for a set of two.  So, Becky and I each got a custom… Read More

Out house chic bathroom

The outhouse chic bathroom is still a work in progress.   But I’m loving my long soaks in the vintage claw foot tub.   The reproduction shower set came from Vintage Tub & Bath and it works great. The reclaimed… Read More

It’s great to be home

We are all settled in to our newly renovated kitchen.   It is great to be back in our home, but the to-do list is long and the bills are daunting.  Forgive the blog silence, but Scott and I have been… Read More

In defense of antlers

I heart antlers.   I started collecting them a few years ago on a trip to Montana.  I especially like the weathered, gray, unpolished variety laid out on a mantel or a rustic winter table-scape.  I recently read some antler… Read More

Out House chic in our vintage bathroom

Here is a preview image of our white-washed, mushroom wood wainscoting for the soon-to-be installed guest bath.  Scott said, “It will look like a shed with a toilet in it.  Let’s carve a half-moon in the door.”  I prefer to… Read More

Emily Henderson, Design Star

I’m just thrilled that Emily Henderson is HGTV’s new design star.  Finally, there’s something I’ll want to watch on TV!  I love Emily’s vintage, midcentury, eclectic style.  Here are a few more peeks at her home by the equally talented… Read More

Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

This lovely kitchen from Domino by photographer Melanie Acevedo reminds me that kitchen cabinets don’t have to be white.  I wasn’t interested in stained wood or laminate cabinets for our kitchen renovation.  I ultimately decided that we needed white painted… Read More

The Hunt: Junkyard Chic

I don’t have any pretty photos today, so I’m just going to show you some quick pix of my latest junkyard find.  I bought this solid wood vintage medicine cabinet with original beveled mirror ($60) on a recent Brooklyn thrift… Read More